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Acupuncture is the term commonly used in the USA when referring to Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  This health science is the oldest and largest health care system in the world and is approximately 5,000 years old.  TCM is utilized in every hospital throughout China and is administered by highly trained medical doctors.

Most people associate the insertion of needles in the skin at various locations to relieve pain or affect a body part with Acupuncture or TCM.  However, it is not necessary to use needles when treating a patient.  Needle insertion is only one of many proven techniques utilized by practitioners of TCM worldwide.  Chinese physicians discovered an energy network traversing just below the skin that communicates from the exterior to the internal organs through a system of channels or vessels know as meridians.  This “bio-electrical energy” works in harmony with the nervous system and the patient experiences pain and specific symptoms.

While studying at a large hospital in Bejing, China in 1987, Dr. Charles Scott witnessed the use of cold laser therapy to treat specific acupuncture points rather than the use of needles.  To Dr. Scott’s amazement, the laser therapy was more effective than needle insertion in relieving the patient’s pain.  In addition to laser therapy, we utilize electronic stimulation, ultrasound, and MORA therapy to activate and treat specific acupuncture points.

In addition, Dr. Charles Scott has extensive training in Auriculotherapy.  This form of acupuncture treats specific acupuncture points located on the ear.  There are approximately a hundred points on the ear that can be activated to treat headaches, spinal pain, and painful areas such as the shoulder, knee, hand, elbow etc.  The auricular or ear points are very effective for treating dysfunctional  internal organs and endocrine glands.  Many patients are amazed when viewing an “ear chart” that the ear resembles an upside down fetus and the body parts proportionally arranged.  The ear lobe represents the head, brain, while the internal organs such as the stomach, lungs, liver, etc. are in the mid ear.  The knee, foot, and ankle are found at the top of the ear.  In the center of the ear is the entire spine with the neck at the bottom and the lumbar spine at the top of the ear.

Spinal manipulation is an integral component of Acupuncture or TCM.  In the USA Chiropractic was founded by Dr. Palmer in the late 1800’s but the Chinese physicians have been manipulating spines for thousands of years and is still utilized by medical doctors in China today.

All body parts are under the direct influence of the nervous system and any interference of the nerve transmission at the level of the vertebral column or spine will have a negative influence on various organ systems.  Our modern understanding of the Autonomic Nervous System validates the intricate relationship between the spine and the internal organs.  Chiropractors are specifically trained to detect and correct spinal  misalignments or subluxations that may impede and interfere with the transmission of vital nerve impulses.

Herbal therapy is another important component of Acupuncture or TCM both in China, Europe, and here in the USA.  While studying in China I visited the pharmacy located in the hospital.  The majority of the prescriptions written by the medical doctors were for Chinese herbs while very few were for Western drugs.  I learned that each hospital had their own herbal farm where the specific herbs were grown and harvested.  The pharmacists had extensive training in herbal medicine and prepared the various herbal remedies prescribed by the medical doctors.

Dr. Scott’s knowledge of Chinese Herbal remedies allows us to formulate specific herbal remedies for each patient’s specific needs rather than prescribing generalized herbal remedies.  Our herbal formulas are rooted in the classical principles of herbal prescribing based on traditional diagnostic and therapeutic categories.  These herbal formulas represents a particular approach to treatment and work together to regulate, eliminate, strengthen, and harmonize.

Regulate: Adjust the quality, quantity, and distribution of the body’s Vital Force.

Eliminate: Purge pathological climates and conditions.

Strengthen: Enhance the function of individual organ systems.

Harmonize: Re-balance major organ networks that must work together for optimal health.

Dr. Scott obtained an advanced degree in Acupuncture from the prestigious Shanghai Research Institute of Acupuncture in mainland China.  Additional studies in Germany were undertaken in Biological Medicine and German Acupuncture systems.