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Most people have the mistaken concept that to have an allergy means having a runny or stuffy nose along with a headache or even breathing difficulty.  But allergies can have many symptoms which at first may seem totally unrelated.  But what exactly is an allergy?  An allergy is an hypersensitive reaction to substance which otherwise is quite harmless or even beneficial to the vast majority of people.  Some 40 to 50 million Americans have allergies that may range from mild to severe or life threatening.  Many researchers have noted that one can even have an allergy to substances which are essential such as vitamins or minerals.  Allergies to vitamin C and Vitamin B are now quite common and not the exception.


The initial cause is an imbalance or blockage of the body’s electromagnetic energy which in turn causes disruption of the immune and nervous systems.  Often allergies run in families and for this reason are considered genetic.  Food allergies are common with sugar, corn, grains, milk, soybeans, and eggs being the most prevalent.  Exposure to toxins such as pesticides, common household cleaners and formaldehyde etc can trigger an allergy in sensitive persons.  Simply smelling cigarette smoke or perfume can cause headaches, dizziness, and even nervous disorders.  Molds, yeast and candida are major offenders and can lead to chronic illness.  In fact, if you have chronic pain or illness that has not responded to traditional medical care the chances are good that you may have an allergy to molds or yeast.  Patients who have undergone treatment with antibiotics or steroids are especially susceptible.

Multiple allergies are often seen in individuals who have heavy metal toxicity.  This would include exposure to such metals as mercury, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, and lead.  The main source is often due to dental amalgams which contain mercury as well as nickel.  Another item of concern is one’s drinking water as the source.


Electro dermal screening uses a computerized instrument to measure the electrical conductivity of the body at specific points located on the hands and feet.  This technique is not new and in fact was developed by Rheinhold Voll, M.D. some fifty years ago and is often referred to as Electro Acupuncture according to Voll or E.A.V. for short.  A small and painless electric current is applied at the point and the computer measures the body’s response.  A substance such as food, chemicals, inhalants, metals, grasses, trees, pollens etc. is introduced into the circuit and the response is measured.  Pre and post testing is recommended to determine if the treatement with NAET or JMT has successfully eliminated the offending allergy.

Muscle Response Testing or MRT is also used to verify the computer test results.  A specific muscle is tested to determine relative strenght and a test vial containing the allergen is held in the patient’s hand.  If the person is allergic to the item in the test vial the test muscle will weaken.  If the test muscle remains strong, no allergy is present.


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