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Oxygen is essential for life and with decreased levels, many degenerative diseases can begin. Hyper means “an increase”, baric is the atmosphere. To simply define this safe, and effective medical therapy: involves inhalation of increased oxygen and greater than 1 atm in a chamber that is pressurized.

Atmospheric pressure varies from one region to another. A brief comparison of several locations follows. Atm is the atmosphere. As we go higher, the air pressure and oxygen decrease. The air pressure in Denver, CO is .83 atm. The air pressure at 8,000 feet is only .74 atm. This is the reason people get sick at higher elevations. Air pressure at the Dead Sea in Israel is 1.05 atm.

Dr. Otto Warburg, a famous cancer researcher received 2 Nobel Prizes in Medicine for his cancer research. Dr. Warburg found that our cells require adequate oxygen in order to produce the energy molecule ATP. When less than optimal oxygen levels are present the cells had to rely on fermentation of sugar in order to make ATP. In addition the cancer, the doctor found that certain organisms such as fungus, viruses, and parasites thrive in this low oxygen environment. the key to healing our bodies is to provide our cells with optimal oxygen levels.


Dr. Gunar Heuser, an environmental specialist, did a study on nine patients suffering from impaired Brain Function. The purpose was to study the effects of 1.3 atm hyperbaric oxygen therapy on those patients. His patients included individuals who suffered loss of brain function such as memory loss and balance due to years of exposure to chemicals, pesticides, solvents and other industrial toxins. Some had also developed attention deficit disorder.

Everyone of the patients in the study improved after only 10 treatments. They reported fewer problems with short term memory, headaches, and balance as well as other symptoms associated with poor brain circulation.


Most of the research studies indicate HBOT works primarily by halting and reversing inflammation, both acute and chronic. A dysfunctional immune system foster the process of inflammation much like a smoldering fire that cannot be put out. Many of our degenerative diseases including arthritis, cancer, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, heart attaches, strokes etc. are due to inflammation. Studies around the world demonstrate that these diseases respond favorably to HBOT.

Some of the know mechanisms of action of HBOT as they apply to healing and reversal of symptoms are well documented. HBOT greatly increase oxygen levels in all body tissues even with reduced or blocked blood flow. HBOT stimulates the growth of new blood vessels to areas with reduced circulation. It activates the production of several very important antioxidant enzymes such as glutathione peroxidase, SOD, and catalase. HBOT strengthens the immune system and activates white blood cells to destroy the deadly pathogens. Studies have shown that viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites cannot live in high levels of oxygen seen with HBOT. Antibiotic resistant bacteria died in the presence of high oxygen levels.

Chronic pain syndromes seen with such disease as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome did respond well to HBOT. Several well documented cases of Lyme’s Disease has shown complete recovery due to HBOT.

Diabetes is a primary cause of leg and foot amputations. HBOT has now become one of the best documented medical treatments for wound healing not only in diabetics but with any leg ulcers that will not heal. Many of the patients scheduled for amputations were healed with HBOT and their limbs were saved.

Neuropahty or nerve damage to the legs and feet responds very well to HBOT. The increased oxygen will deliver blood and nutrients to the damaged nerves so healing can take place.


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