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Keeping Your Back Healthy at Work – Odessa, TX

Musculoskeletal injuries are one of the five most common work-related injuries. Most spine injuries are preventable. Back injuries do not discriminate with the type of job, gender, or age. Dr. Charles Scott, a chiropractor in Odessa TX, helps with injuries once they have taken place. However, it is important that you know about workplace safety and prevention methods to keeping your spine healthy.

Causes of Back Injuries

Most people are aware of heavy lifting causing back injuries at work. However, there are other causes of spinal injuries, including some that you might not think about. People who are overly exhausted at work are more prone to injuries. It is common to overexert yourself when you are tired and fail to follow safe practices.

Working at a computer desk all day is another cause of back strain and injuries. IT is hard to maintain proper posture and staying in one position causes muscle fatigue. Finally, if you are constantly stretching or bending over, you will experience back pain.

Preventing Back Pain

The best way to prevent spinal pain and injuries is to maintain a healthy weight. Performing back exercises will strengthen the muscles that support your spine, as well as keep you flexible. You also want to make sure that you are changing positions frequently. Stand up and take a walk around your office every hour so you prevent your muscles from becoming fatigued. When you are sitting, you need to make sure you have your desk set up so you can keep a good posture. Finally, make sure you practice safe lifting practices, including lifting with your legs and keeping your back straight.

Additional Support

In addition to maintaining a healthy weight, therapy helps keep your back into optimal health. Visiting a chiropractor in Odessa TX helps to keep your spine in correct alignment. This will prevent back pain, but it also prevents injuries from occurring from the spine being in misalignment. To prevent muscle fatigue, visit a massage therapist. They can work out any knots and stress that you are currently under, so your muscles are less likely to suffer from exhaustion or overexertion.

If you are already suffering from spine injuries, you will want to visit Dr. Charles Scott. He is a chiropractor in Odessa TX that can get you back to full healthy. When your back is pain free, you will be more productive at work.


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