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Medical infrared thermography is based on an analysis of skin surface temperature that reflects normal or abnormal human physiology.  A highly sensitive infrared camera is interfaced with a computer to create an image.  This image is analyzed by a doctor who is Board Certified in the science of Medical Thermography.

Thermography has been in use for over 30 years in clinical settings and as a result, normal values have been established.  Deviations from these established values are compared much the same way, lab tests from blood and urine are compared to determine the presence of disease and to arrive at a correct diagnosis.

Thermography can be used to detect pain in any part of your body and has proven beneficial especially in non-specific and difficult cases of chronic pain syndromes.  Thermography is useful in detecting associated changes in complex pain states such as low back  pain, arthritis, vascular disease, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), to name a few.  Finding the CAUSE of chronic pain is one of the most challenging and difficult tasks facing physicians today.



Thermography is the only test capable of measuring the Autonomic Nervous System which controls all of our internal organs.  One component of the  ANS or Autonomic Nervous System is the Sympathetic nervous system.  This causes constriction of the blood vessels that supply the nerves.  This decreased blood flow is responsible for the severe pain seen with RSD now called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  It is these vascular changes that are documented by the images generated by the infrared camera used in the thermography  study.  Many patients who suffer from chronic pain are amazed at how specifically accurate the thermography images correlate with their pain and symptoms.  Thermography has been labeled as a “picture of pain” by many doctors that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain.


Large multi-doctor Pain Clinics are present in most cities and towns and the number of patients being referred to these specialty pain clinics is increasing at an alarming rate.  Sadly, many time the diagnostic tests do NOT correlate with the patient’s symptoms and complaints of pain.  Many of these chronic pain patients are written off as being neurotic and are put on anti-depressants and narcotic pain medication.

The importance of an accurate diagnosis can best be illustrated by the following scenario.  Several patients presented to our clinic with complaints of severe and debilitating pain due to “sciatica”.  True sciatica is due to lumbar disc disease such as a disc herniation or disc degeneration.  The ensuing pressure causes inflammation of the nerves that make up the large sciatic nerve.  The sciatic nerve courses down the leg and patients report severe, burning pain in the leg.

Tests such as MRI, CT Scan and Nerve Conduction Studies are often ordered to make a definitive and accurate diagnosis. None of these patients underwent  these specific tests due to their high cost.  A lumbar MRI usually costs in the neighborhood of $1,200.  The Nerve Conduction Studies typically cost $1,600 or more.

These patients underwent Medical Thermography and the test results did NOT confirm the diagnosis of sciatica instead, these patients had a much more serious disease, thrombosis of the veins.  They required immediate referral to a vascular specialist.


Thermography does NOT expose you to x-ray radiation and is perfectly safe for all ages.  This test is PAIN FREE & NON-INVASIVE.

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