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National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Odessa, TX

Chronic fatigue syndrome, or constant fatigue that cannot be explained away by a medical condition, is increasing across the United States. Dr. Charles Scott, a chiropractor in Odessa TX and an expert in chronic fatigue syndrome, is one of the few doctors who has been successful in alleviating some of the symptoms of the disease. As such, he is highly sought out by patients across the world.

If you have CFS, then you should first take an assessment of your current health overall. In many cases, CFS immediately follows a viral infection. Although there is no evidence linking the virus to the CFS condition right after, some of the symptoms may include depression, fever, aching and prolonged tiredness.

 If I think that I have chronic fatigue syndrome, what should I do?

If you think that you are suffering from CFS, then you need to immediately put yourself in the care of a trusted and reputable doctor. There are very few conditions of CFS that go away of their own accord in a timely manner without proper medical attention.

You are encouraged to eat healthy and exercise on a daily basis if you believe that you are suffering from CFS. Being under the care of the doctor will ensure that you do not undertake any physical exertion that will worsen the situation. Be sure to consult your doctor before ever taking on a strenuous physical program such as high impact cardiovascular workouts or heavy weightlifting.

In many cases, the CFS will not improve with rest. Your doctor may recommend that you do not undertake any additional physical activity, because CFS is not necessarily cured by activity, only in some cases.

Many experts such as Dr. Charles Scott, top chiropractor in Odessa TX, believe that CFS symptoms are actually caused by a group of causes that are both physical and psychological. First of all, viruses put an enormous strain on the mind as well as the body, especially if there is a loss of employment involved with the sickness. This may be why the symptoms of CFS tend to show up after a prolonged viral sickness.

The treatment for CFS focuses on the relief of symptoms, so this is how you should judge the treatment. Try to remove yourself from stressful situations in your day to day life. Once you have relief from the symptoms, then you should be able to return to a normal routine that will help you to overcome the CFS symptoms for good.

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