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National Kidney Month – Low Back Pain – Odessa, TX

Lower back pain problems related to undiagnosed kidney complications is a common complaint among our clients. The issue can arise as a result of a serious condition like an infection or kidney disease. Dr. Charles Scott, a chiropractor in Odessa TX has been helping people manage pain symptoms using specialized treatment techniques involving spinal manipulation and a series of adjustments.

National Kidney Month

March is National Kidney Month. Many people with the condition work in certain conditions that can lead to serious issues like kidney cancer. People who work in industrial environments where asbestos is present are at increased risk of developing full-blown kidney cancer conditions. Other health challenges like smoking, alcohol use and other habits can also put people at risk for developing certain illnesses.

What are the common reasons for kidney pain?

A number of kidney health factors can contribute to the back pain. Kidney stones can become lodged in the tubing and lead to back pain because urine flow is restricted. A Kidney infection is another problem that causes a dull, aching pain in the lower back. The person may also find it uncomfortable urinating. The infection produces inflammation in the kidney tissues, and the infection leads to swelling and discomfort. In addition pain symptoms, one can experience a low grade fever, problems urinating and nausea. Kidney cancer also causes lower back pain. Although the origin of kidney cancer isn’t known, those who work in certain industrial conditions are more likely to develop the illness.

Chiropractic addresses lower back pain

Chiropractic care focuses on addressing the underlying complications that affect the central nervous system. In doing so, the pain resulting from the complications can be addressed. Making sure that the central nervous system is functioning properly is essential in controlling pain symptoms. Nerve damage resulting from subluxation can lead to kidney complications. Eliminating the subluxation can restore kidney health and restore normal functioning to the kidneys.

Advantages of chiropractic care

Dr. Charles Scott performs spinal manipulation also offers additional advantages for sick patients. Individuals can experience improved mobility over time. In addition to treating the condition, a chiropractor may offer nutritional counseling for patients. Coordinating proper nutrition may help resolve kidney infection problems. Treating the entire patient can improve treatment outcome and produce better outcome results for pain patients. Patients may even be able to avoid medications using a chiropractic care approach.

Dr. Charles Scott who is a Chiropractor in Odessa TX recommends that any patient experiencing ongoing chronic back pain may have an underlying kidney condition that may be producing these symptoms. Chiropractic care targets the inflammation that is often responsible for pain symptoms. If suffering from back pain caused by a kidney condition, one can call 432-363-8020 to discuss the various treatment options available.


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