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What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? – Odessa, TX

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a complex condition characterized by intense fatigue that isn’t readily explained by any particular underlying medical disorder. Sometimes, the fatigue gets worse with increased mental or physical activity, but ironically doesn’t seem to improve with adequate rest.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is far more than simply being tired most of the day. People who suffer with CFS are so tired and run down that it actually disrupts their lives. Some claim to have difficulty staying on top of their everyday responsibilities and performing at work, while others are seriously disabled and some even bedridden. Many times they’re dealing with a host of other symptoms like chronic pain and flu-like symptoms in addition to extreme, debilitating fatigue.

While there’s no one single test to determine a CFS diagnosis, you likely need a number of other medical tests in order to discount other health issues with similar symptoms. CFS treatment focuses on relief from the various symptoms.


CFS has eight documented symptoms and signs in addition to the primary symptom of fatigue.

• Chronic fatigue
• Pain that travels from joint to joint without redness or swelling
• Memory loss or concentration
• Mysterious muscle pain
• Sore throat
• Unrefreshing sleep
• Extreme exhaustion that lasts more than a day following mental or physical exercise
• Enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit or neck area
• Different types of headaches that vary in severity or pattern


Researchers don’t know the exact cause(s) behind CFS. They suspect it may be due to a combination of several factors that influence individuals who were born with a tendency or predisposition for it to develop. Contact Dr. Charles Scott, a reputable chiropractor in Odessa TX, for more information on how to treat CFS.

Some key aspects studied include the following:

• Immune System Issues
The immune systems of individuals with CFS appear to be somewhat impaired. However, it’s not clear if it’s enough of a problem to actually cause the condition.

• Viral Infections
Scientists question whether or not some viruses may trigger the condition since many individuals develop CFS following a viral infection. Some suspicious viruses include mouse leukemia viruses, human herpes virus 6, and Epstein-Barr virus, although no real connection has yet been discovered.

• Hormonal Imbalances
Individuals with CFS sometimes also experience irregular blood levels of key hormones generated in the hypothalamus, adrenal glands, and pituitary glands. However, the importance of these irregularities is still unknown.

Chronic fatigue syndrome can be a sign of several illnesses, including psychological disorders or infections. To be safe, make an appointment with a trustworthy wellness clinic in Odessa TX, Wellness Injury Medical Center with Dr. Charles Scott today.


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